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Driving Past the 30-Second Spot
Q&A; With Jeff Bell, VP of Chrysler and Jeep

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News and Info About the Chrysler Group:
  • Chrysler Pushes Characters and Product Equally in New Effort
  • Characters Carry Chrysler's SUV Message
  • Dodge Seeks New Star for its Hemi Ads
  • If having Angela Jolie's Lara Kraft character ride through swampland to Mt. Kilamanjaro in a spotless Jeep isn't enough of a brand's dream come true, how about having the Jeep Grand Cheroke rescue Matthew Mcconaughey and Penelope Cruz from peril in the Sahara desert?

    Very few brands are constructing seamless and successful branded entertainment integrations as well as the Chrysler Group is today. And apart from film, the Chrysler Group's innovative and forward thinking branded entertainment strategies have landed their vehicles into the storylines of television shows, DVD tie-in campaigns, video games and most recently, mobile entertainment.

    We met with Jeff Bell, VP of Chrysler and Jeep to examine his strategies for branded entertainment success, thoughts on cross-platform distribution, dealings with financial transactions and advice for getting branded entertainment efforts in gear.

    Listen to AUDIO of the Interview
    (30 minutes) >>

    Read Detailed Highlights of the Interview >>

    Mr. Bell shares information about the following:
  • Jeff Bell's Role at the Chrysler Group
  • Why Branded Entertainment?
  • Their Branded Entertainment Strategy
  • Breaking Into Films: Lessons and Successes
  • How Product Sales Correlate With Box Office Sales
  • The Process for Developing Creatives
  • How Involved to Get on a Film Set
  • Financial Models
  • TV Integrations
  • DVD Strategies
  • Advertising in Video Games
  • Mobile Entertainment
  • Budget Basics
  • Advice for Brands Getting Started
  • The Future of Branded Entertainment

    Listen to AUDIO of the Interview (30 minutes) >>
    Read Detailed Highlights of the Interview >>

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