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A&E; Television Networks' Strategy, Campaigns and Insights

Q&A; with
Mike Peretz, Vice President
and Director Claire Maguire of Integrated Sales & Strategic Partnerships

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  • A&E; Television Networks has made creating deep branded entertainment partnerships one of its main business goals in recent years, teaming up with brands like Southwest airlines and L'Oreal to develop programming.

    The network's Integrated Sales & Strategic Partnerships team, formed in 2002, continues to perfect its strategy for partnering with brands.

    Tune into this audio interview with the team's top executives to find out how their branded "Airline" series took off, how A&E; views and manages campaigns, why cable networks can offer more product exposure, who to contact at A&E; to pitch your product integration and more!

    Listen to AUDIO of the Interview >>
    Read Detailed Highlights of the Interview >>

    In interview, find out about:

  • About A&E; Television Networks
  • Strategy and Structure
  • Catching on to the Trend
  • Working with Cable Vs. Broadcast
  • Making the Right Branded Match
  • Managing the Process
  • Deciphering the Deal
  • Partnering with Southwest
  • Other Shows in the Hopper
  • Measuring Success
  • The Consumer Tipping Point
  • More!

    Listen to AUDIO of the Interview >>
    Read Highlights of the Interview >>
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